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December 2, 2012
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:new:Her Bio is now ready!

:bulletblack:Name: Ritsuko Nakamura.
:bulletblack:Age: 14.
:bulletblack:Race: Human.
:bulletblack:Personality: She's sweet and sometimes a bit cheerful, has some weird tastes (like for example: a guy that normal girls would consider very handsome, she finds him nasty. Or the opposite: a guy who a normal girl would consider weird/freaky/scary/etc she finds him cool), gets distracted very easly sometimes (except when she's playing the violin, she's very serious when it comes to violin); even though she's sweet and cheerful, she has troubles when it comes to making friends since most of the girls of her age are not interested on her hobbies/tastes; she can be very childish sometimes (that's why probably she gets along with Pudding).

:bulletblack:Likes: Loves classic music (as you can see, her favorite instrument is the violin, that's why she chose to learn to play it), likes to read fantasy novels, likes street shows (like Pudding's performances. She actually considers herself as "Pudding's n 1 fan"), her favorite fruit is blackberry; loves little devils's plushies for some reason; she adores to play the violin cause it makes her feel that she's in her own world while she plays it.

:bulletblack:Dislikes: Sports (cause she's terrible at them), Maths, Physics, Chemistry (she's terrible at these subjects on school), make cleaning, Goblins (She believes they exist and that they steal ppl's socks), ghost stories.

:bulletblack:Love Interest: Kisshu (Though she wants to do her best to convince Ichigo to give him a chance. In the end she didnt manage to convince her and feels sad for not doing anything to help her loved one to be happy).


Ritsuko is a normal High School student who has a passion for the violin.

She mets Pudding (Kiki) one day when she casually saw one of her performances and she got enchanted. She started to assist to Pudding's performances on the park everyday when she finished her violin classes. Ritsuko and Pudding got lately more encounters (such as in the super market or the street) and they became pretty good friends, discovering that they had many things in common, despite the age difference.

One day Pudding and Ritsuko are attacked by Kisshu (Dren), and Pudding had to transform in front of Ritsuko to save her from Kisshu (who wanted to steal Ritsuko's spirit to make a Chimera Anima). Instead of being afraid of him, Ritsuko actually got enchanted at Kisshu and found him as "such a gorgeous and fascinating person", and she simply stared at him confusing him (and kinda freaking him out) for a moment.

Despite the many warnings of Pudding and her Mew companions about Kisshu being dangerous and wanting to destroy humans, Ritsuko felt so much interest on him and wanted to get close to him and know more things about him (such as "what does he likes?", "why he hates humans?", "what are his hobbies and interests?", and trivial stuffs like those).

She manages to get Kisshu's attention one day when she offers him an "obento" she made herself, since he was starving. She then took the opportunity to propose him a deal: since he liked her food (and the food he had eaten since he came to earth was quite nasty), she promised to make him an obento everyday if he promises to not harm her nor steal her spirit. And so they made a deal (despite Kisshu's dislikeness of human company, but the food was quite tasty so he decided to ignore that fact).

With the time, Ritsuko finds out that Kisshu is really in love with Ichigo (Zoey) and, even if she loves him very much, she wants to try to help him to make Ichigo notice him, because she wants her loved one to be happy (his happiness is her happiness). Sadly she couldnt do anything to change Ichigo's opinion about Kisshu and feels miserable for not doing anything to make her notice him.

In the end, when Kisshu is about to return to his planet (after Deep Blue was defeated), he realizes that he has grown fond of Ritsuko and gave her a "goodbye kiss" before leaving and also he told her the following words: "Thanks for the meal and for everything".

Did Kisshu accept Ritsuko's feelings in the end? Will he correspond her feelings?

I dont even know myself LOL I'll leave it up to every reader opinion :XD:

PS: since this story is very recent, I can probably change some things, but for the moment this is her offical BIO

:bulletblack:Important Facts:

- Ritsuko's lives with her father and her step mother. Her real mother died when she was a little baby, so she doesnt have memories about her nor miss her, but she always feels curious to know what kind of person was her mother and she treasures her mother's stuffs.

- That bracelet on her right hand used to be her biological mother's. She never takes that bracelet off and its her most precious possession.

Yeah, I felt like creating an OC for Tokyo Mew Mew, LOL :XD:

I just had some ideas and I couldnt resist to create her :iconyayzplz:

So, as you can see, her name is Ritsuko Nakamura, she's 14 years old and loves to play the violin :3

Her story and bio coming soon

PS: She's NOT a Mew!! She's just a normal girl/student :P She's going to be a good friend of Pudding (Kiki) by the way. But you'll find it out when I manage to writte her BIO :D


Ritsuko Nakamura Priss-sama
Tokyo Mew Mew Reiko Yoshida & Mia Ikumi
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When I read her personality, I thought "this character has to be based on me or something..."

Haha, well lovely art, beautiful character and awesomely detailed bio. Great work!
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Since this OC is so Balanced and Lovely, I must contribute!
Maybe her 4kids dub name could be Rebecca Nathanson.
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