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Is a Venezuelan artist, obssessed with Love & Romance :heart:
Mostly a Manga & Anime artist.

Warning: Leo's by Nana-Beats

Heart Emote by Gasara Romance, Music, Fantasy, Erotica, BoysLove, All kinds of love actually, Mythologies of all kind, BEER!, etc etc etc...

Anger Emote by Gasara Art Thieves, Romanticizing rape, Some Fetishes, Ship Wars/Discourse, Trivialization of serious matters by nowadays fandoms, etc etc etc ...

    Hello! Welcome to my gallery! My online name is Priss, but feel free to call me however you want C: If you wish to give me a nickname, feel free to do so, as long as it isn't anything offensive. And last but not least, thank you so much for your visit! It is trully appreciated.

Pervy Priss FTW! :iconpervyprissplz:

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I don't do buttons requests either

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I only do this with friends and acquaintances. I don't do them with strangers/people I have never seen nor spoken before. I'm not picky with art levels, I don't mind if we don't have the same level, as long as you put effort on your part, I can assure you I'll do the same. But even though I'm not picky with art levels, that doesn't mean I'll accept a trade with anybody, I reserve the right to decline

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Earth Art Status / Earth F.A.Q / Earth Point Commissions 

Warning! The following journal may contain a lot of fangirlism and me being overly emotional.
Also I dedicate this journal entry to :iconladytaellise: :heart:

I just had to make a journal about this cause I can't contain all these feelings! I'm just the happiest person alive this moment!! Exo : Crying Kai And I also want everyone to know how BIG is this sweet lady's --> LadyTaellise heart :heart: Seriously! What she did for me is something I'll forever be very greatful to! Something that I never thought somebody would do for me! And I know I can't repay her for what she did, but at least I'll dedicate myself to show her how greatful I am and at least make her smile! (still don't know how, but I'll find the way!) Karen Kujou Emote (Kiniro Mosaic) - Determined 

Ok, I'll start this journal FOR REAL now :lol:

I'll start explaining everything. 

This is the reason of my extreme happiness! Cryhappytearsplz 
[MFB OC] (Luri + Momo) reward by Takafumi Adachi by LadyTaellise

This is a drawing made by Adachi Takafumi sensei (yes! by him!! The one and only! *u* )
He drew LadyTaellise's lovely OC Luri aaaaaaand... look who's standing next to her... Yes!! It's Momo! My Momo!!! magi gif Kougyoku  Ren Oshawott Bawling Plz 
IT'S MY HYENA BABY DRAWN BY ADACHI-SENSEI HIMSELF!!! AAAAAAHHHH!!!! .:*Emoticon*:. Fangirling Marinette Faint 

Everything about this drawing is just absolute perfection to me! :love: "Perfection" doesn't even cover it! :icontearplz: 
What makes this drawing even more special is the fact that our OCs are standing together! Luri and Momo are LadyTaellise and myself's BROtp >w< Our girls get into so much troubles and funny situations (I personally love to come with ideas for them :love:)
I just ADORE how the sensei drew our babies! Happy Happy..Onion They look SO PERFECTLY IN CHARACTER! :love: It's so amazing! We only gave him a few keywords and he got our ladies just perfectly!!! 
They both look so pretty I WANNA CRY!! I personally adore how Luri's hair came out! :heart: She looks so cool and ready to kick some butts!! >w< And Momo!!!! Her pose is so accurate I CAN'T EVEN! Look at her smirk!!! And her haaaaaands!!! TTuTT
And if all that awesomeness wasn't enough, LOOK AT THE CUTENESS OF THOSE CHIBIS!!!! :heart::heart: Chibi Benkei looks so puffy and adorable! Look at his tiny lil legs!! >w< You just want to squeeze him :heart: And Chibi Nile!!!! :love: He's just timidly peeking up AGHZGAHGHFS :heart: And I adore that he's holding to Momo's hair cause I always imagined that if I ever drew Momo with chibi Nile, he would be holding to her hair :heart:

I've been fangirling LITERALLY all day!! And I think I'm going to keep fangirling for the rest of the year!
I swear you have no idea how much effort it takes me to write something coherent right now! I mean, I can't believe this is happening! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING TO ME! ME!! I swear I still think this is a dream and that I'm going to wake up at any moment! I'm tempted to smash my face with a frying pan to see if I'm awake HAHA! 

Now I'll try to leave my fangirlism aside for a moment and explain you how this happened (cause I'm sure with all these senseless fangirlism you are all confused x///D)

You see, Adachi-Sensei had a plan in Patreon where he would give a personalized drawing to the people that donated to his 15$ pledge.
Sadly, for me supporting him on patreon (doing anything that involves paying with foreign currencies atcually) is impossible, my country's laws doesn't allow me to do so. The moment I saw the Sensei had this plan on his patreon, I immediately resigned myself that I wasn't going to have that opportunity, that opportunity was for somebody else, never for me. But still, and I'm being 100% honest about this, it made me genuinely happy to see Bey OCs that I truly love drawn by the Sensei, such as the Ito Sisters (:iconmichiko-ito: & :iconnagori-ito: ) and Alyssa Midori (:iconalorous: ), really! I'm being totally honest with this! They're not my OCs, but I felt as happy for them as if it was with my own OC :heart: Actually each time I look at the drawings you all got from the Sensei I just giggle like an idiot :XD: And the first time I saw them I just fangirled a lot :lol: 
So yeah, seeing this lovely OCs getting drawn by the Sensei truly made me happy :aww: (and it felt like some sort of consolation haha :XD: )

But one day, this cute lady :iconladytaellise: messages me and she proposed me something, and do you know what she proposed me??
She told me she was going to ask for the 15$ reward on the Sensei's patreon and that she wanted to ask not only for Luri but also for Momo!!
I swear that moment I thought I was going to throw up from the shock! And of course I started to cry like a newborn!! Ahaha!! NO WORDS can explain how I felt that moment, the happiness I felt! And I cannot explain how touched I feel by Bella's gest! Miuna Crying Icon 

This year has been incredibly difficult to me (for personal reasons I won't share, sorry) and Bella pretty much lighted up my year with this super sweet gest! 

So, to Bella:
Thank you so much for your generosity, thank you so much for having such a kind heart, thank you so much for this amazing gest, thank you so much for your constant support and your encouraging words, thank you so much for giving me your friendship, thank you so much for the wonderful headcanons we share together, thank you so much FOR EVERYTHING! 
God bless that big heart you have and may life repay you with all the kindness you have given to everyone :iconsweethugplz:

I'm just terrible with words, but I did my best to write something to show my appreciation ;u;

At this point I don't think I can't keep writting cause I'm just super hyper and overly emotional HAHA! Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2] 

And you guys go give Bella all the love she deserves!! :dummy: 

PS: Unrelated note, but you guys please forgive me for my lack of responses, I'm sick with fever at the moment, but I'll respond everything as soon as I feel better :heart:

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